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Moving Forward

Amplified voices, shout!

Financial Development 

Plan and Execute 


We’re back this week to hone in on our upcoming holiday and seasonal activities, yes we’re talking about Thanksgiving. Let’s not forget, Black Friday which this year some stores are moving from Black Friday to Black Frimonth. They have discounts and sales all month but never-mind that. People are always so quick to celebrate something without understanding the history, fascinating. People will say they don’t believe or practice something but engage in yearly celebration. Let’s understand why and were not just Thanksgiving but Black Friday comes from.

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It is time for a new movement people with new energy and a new agenda for people of color. It is time our educational, financial and political powers start to reflect in the ranks of this American system. There are several organizations and groups that have formed over the course of this year to combat police brutality, financial crisis due to COVID-19 and the educational setback. Check out the links below and find a way for you to become involved in your community. Also don’t forget that the local schools have programs as well.

  • To Volunteer with the New Georgia Project, click on “Home”.
  • To volunteer with the NAACP:
    • Please send an email to to inquire about opportunities in Dekalb County
    • Click here to visit the Atlanta chapter website for volunteer opportunities.
  • Here’s another, Grassroots. Visit their site here to inquire about volunteer opportunities near you.
  • There are several organizations listed on Atlanta Magazine.
  • Georgia Black United Fund is a great organization. Visit here.
  • The site Thrillist offers great information on volunteering and organizations. Visit here.
  • The Center for Family Resources have great opportunities. Click here.
  • Color of Change is always open. Absolutely great at helping the community I do suggest you get involved. Click here.

I want people to know that this platform will be used to spread valuable information and I hope you will become an active member in your community. Be a voice of change. Make a list of demands, focus, build a team. Tackle them one by one. Be the change you want to see. 

(Lost but not forgotten) In the midst of the election Walter Wallace Jr was shot by the police in Philadelphia on October 26, 2020 because the police stated he was armed with a knife, touching off protests. Although it wasn’t confirmed they proceeded to attack and killed the young man on site. 

On October 20, 2020 Marcellis Stinnette, was killed and the mother of his child who is only 20 years old, Tafara Williams, was wounded and sent to the hospital to seek medical treatment. The police footage has been released but police are stating the officers actions were “justified”. The officer has been fired but still not update yet regarding the case. I will stay on this story and present more information as it is released. 

Change the Constitution! Change Policies! Change Laws! Change Officials! Change This Country!

I’m sure we’re all aware that former President Donald Trump is not planning on leaving the White House quietly. He is suing every state who’s elections vote count does not satisfy him. At this point I’m pretty sure things will only go further south. Former President Trump, his oil head side kick Rudy Giuliani (Face oil spill — It was hilarious! Truly. He never actually cleaned it) and his team of delusional bigot Republican followers are trying to cause as much mayhem as they possibly can before being removed from the White House.

Trump is trying to infect a whole naturally preserved area of Alaska, the Arctic and Atlantic by exposing them to oil drilling. There are several judges against these big companies and their ideas to pollute the waters and are but Trump is persistent and trying everything in his will to get this approved before he departs from the White House. Guess what, no matter what he do come January 20th he’s out! Fox 5 news , NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC and basically every other news station have declared President Elect Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. the winner. Oh, let’s not forget the MILLIONS of votes he accumulated fair and square from the states he won.

Cartoons of the week | Newsday

At this point the only thing Trump and his team are doing is embarrassing themselves. Trump recently spoke with Chris Wallace, Fox News Reporter and it was absolutely tragic! Trump was not at all prepared for this. Even former President Barak Obama did a 60minute interview to encourage Trump to concede peacefully. Pro-Trump Fox host, Stewart Varney, even defended Biden’s win, doubting Trump would make a comeback for this Presidency after the official vote count is released. Republicans are getting desperate and the reckless behavior continues.

Trump requested a recount in Wisconsin after losing AGAIN once the votes in Georgia were re-counted. Trump lawyers are still claiming fraud and continue to claim multiple ways to win over the election but nothing has yet materialize. You know what I think we all knew Trump wouldn’t be willing to leave the White House without a fight. Buckle up and get ready because he still has 61 days in this big house and he’s planning as many schemes as he can in his bunker. It seems Trump is refusing to even acknowledge Biden has won the Presidency and has no intention on attending the inauguration. No worries on January 20th we shall see a smooth transition I’m sure.

Political Cartoon: Post-election White House jobs for Donald Trump

This will be left here throughout the months of November and December. The January election is extremely important for Georgia and the democratic party. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Here’s a list of other news topics you can take a look at. 2020 has definitely been a year to remember (Links are updated weekly).

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