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Hi Everyone! My name is Veronica Manuel and I’m the founder of Poetically Established, The Life Journal. I originally thought of this site to speak only about my poetry but as time went on I began to discover other topics of interests so I thought to include them as well. I’ve always wanted to create a website and I have the content but never took that first step. Well, now I have.

Let me tell you a bit about me. I was born in Mississippi and raised in Atlanta (mainly in College Park, GA). I’m the youngest of four and the only woman of my mother’s children. We didn’t have much, well to be honest we barely had anything at all. Through the stress and struggle I was able to avoid getting consumed by my surroundings, stayed focused and prevailed through the madness all the way to college. I attended Atlanta Technical College my senior year of high school and at that time worked at the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport; and honey the money was good.

One day while I was in my boyfriends’ room on the bed I got a random call from a college representative at Wesleyan College in Macon, GA. I will always remember that moment like it was just yesterday. She asked me if I had applied for college yet and I told her no, which I had not. Remember say less. The only thing she said to me was, “no problem just come. We’ll get everything sorted out when you get here.” I didn’t have any scholarship, no loans (yet), I didn’t even do the application to go to the school, but she said just come. I still can’t believe that situation ever happened the way it did. No words can describe the way I felt and still feel. I burst into tears every single time I think about it. EVERY TIME.

After attending Wesleyan for 3 years (because I earned 18 credit hours my senior year at Atlanta Tech) I graduated with a Dual Degree and two concentrations in Business Administration, Advertising and Marketing Communications, Economics and Finance, respectively. After graduating in 2016 I worked a few aimless jobs that led me to a full-time position at Emory Healthcare. I’ve been here now for a year and a half and if it’s taught me nothing else is that I have goals and should continue to push for achieving them.

Yes, the journey has been real but crazy thing is it’s really just begun. I’ve made so many mistakes that don’t come with a redo button but I’m most certain the future holds a better hand. After all you can only play the hand you’re dealt, right? Well I plan to shuffle the deck a bit. So anyway readers, enough about me, let’s get into this content.

Have questions to ask me? Curious to know more about my journey. Send me a message.

You can find me on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter at @Sincerely.Renee16

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