Documentary Thursday!

This week’s documentary is Rotten, you seen it? So it’s not really a movie documentary but more so a documentary series that covers all sorts of topics you wouldn’t even think to associate with corrupt behavior such as; avocado’s, coco beans, even water. If nothing else, take a look at the trailer. It will give you goosebumps.

I only watch these documentaries on Thursday’s and I’ll share my perspective them, hope you share yours.

(Click on the photo below to take you to the Documentary series trailer)

Season One, Episode one: The Avocado War

You’d never stop one moment to think an avocado could be the start of so much pain, oppression and scarcity in resources for an entire city, but you better guess again. This was WILD! You will be surprised by the extent these people were willing to go to just to ensure the survival of the avocado. Thousands of homes damaged all to protect the sacred avocado and without one thought about what it could do to the people of the land.

Season One, Episode two: Reign of Terroir

Wine is indeed a treat of luxury. After watching the craziness companies go through to have their wine sold in certain countries or stores you’d like this stuff is made of gold. All of this is beyond crazy so I won’t go into detail on all the topics. I definitely think it’s worth watching. The feedback box is below to leave your thoughts about this week’s documentary and so are all the topics of the episodes listed in the documentary series. Enjoy!

Season One, Episode three: Troubled Water

Season One, Episode four: A Sweet Deal/sugar

Season One, Episode five: Bitter Chocolate

Season One, Episode six: High on Edibles

Season One, Episode seven: Lawyers, Guns & Honey

Season One, Episode eight: The Peanut Problem

Season One, Episode nine: Garlic Breath

Season One, Episode ten: Milk Money

Season One, Episode eleven: Cod is dead

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