Eating Green, Eating Clean!

Do you like the title? It’s corny I know but guess what, it’s right. Of course we all know there are several articles that have proven how much eating green can benefit our digestive system but it also helps psychologically. There are all sorts of benefits to eating healthy overall that contributes to a better, longer life. The important thing is simply monitoring your intake and your intake level.

Empty Calories Comic: Own Your Cravings

There are many of us who still struggle with monitoring the intake of daily calories and that could very well be the weight in the weight loss process. I’m sure for others the reason for their weight loss weights are other things like issues with consistency, don’t work out enough, not able to afford healthier food (most due to unemployment/COVID) or life–just too busy. Especially with COVID interrupting our lives people would immediately assume that most people have all the time in the world when in reality they’re home struggling to manage schooling for 3 kids, cook, clean and work all in one. I know there are fathers present in many households who are contributing and men, THANK YOU!

I do often notice women get praise for what they do but there are men out here struggling with these women, men struggling on their own and men struggling with their men. I understand COVID-19 is hurting us all but through this we must remain focused on eating green and eating clean. We may fall short at times on eating a healthy meal, working out or even drinking an sufficient amount of water a day, but regardless there is always room for corrections. I’ve always been told, “As long as you are above dirt you have another chance to do anything you want”.

You can take a look at some of the healthier food options that may be of use in your home. Click here. I love using meal prep recipes because they already come portioned correctly and you can save them as leftovers. This is one of the many sites you can visit to find recipes you like. Pinterest is my absolute favorite! If you haven’t tried it, check it out. I have tons of recipes. Also Instagram is a great tool, don’t think it’s just for funny videos. I find all kinds of recipes and pages dedicated to cooking. You can even join cooking groups on Facebook to get new recipes and advice on cooking.

Here are a few easy recipes. Try them at home. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best of luck with your recipes.

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