Morpho H

Are you happy? How do you define it, the literal definition of what you need to specifically secure your happiness. Does anyone know? I sometimes found this question a tad bit difficult to answer because those needs change so often for me. One day I want one thing that may secure my happiness and the next I’m on a whole new venture to secure a much different kind of happiness.

As you grow learning your own version of happiness you learn to understand yourself, and what truly drives you. Sometimes those moments can be huge, monumental even, changing the entire structure of things and sometimes those moments can be so small you wouldn’t even think to think twice about them. Happiness is about the moments in your life that shapes your values and perspectives. How to live in the butterfly moments. I know the speaker called them lollipop moments but I call them butterfly moments. Not only are these moments so beautiful but them come as fast as they go and like a beautiful butterfly, sometimes completely unnoticed.

I saw this amazing TED Talk by Drew Dudley, Everyday Leadership, and it changed my life completely. Once you learn something you can never unlearn it. Enjoying the small moments is what life’s about. If you don’t stop to enjoy the small moments in life you’ll spend most of your life waiting around for big moments that you may never grow from. Take a look at the documentary and tell me what you think. I for one, thought it was brilliant.

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