You ever try searching anything in Google and it comes back with a white male or female depicting the idea. As an African American I’m constantly forced to search everything using the word “black” in front of it in order to find an image that reflects a P.O.C.

Let’s try a little exercise. Go to google and type in these words and click image to see what they show: powerful, tops, accounting, dancing and real estate and see what images populate. I see pages and pages of white people doing things or posing for a photo to illustrate the idea. Think about many commercials are filled with the faces of non melanated skin. If there is a commercial or television show with a P.O.C in it it’s usually just one or two people, but in comparison to how many non P.O.C? The number of non P.O.C faces is usually higher. Aren’t I considered an American? African American, right? Why must we indicate the color of our skin when typing such simple things in google?

Well of course I am! I was born and raised in this country we call the land of the “free” and home of the brave. I was educated here and spent my entire life breathing the spoiled air of the city, eating hot dogs and hamburgers, watching catty tv shows and going to sports stadiums for games I knew nothing about; yes indeed, I think I am an American. However, it befuddles me how most of the world seem to never view black people as Americans, just black. I AM AN AMERICAN. I’m black, yes, but I am also an American. RIGHT?!, RIGHT.

This Comic Strip From Upworthy About Why Black Children Should Be Taught  That Cops Aren't Their Friends Is The Reason America Is So Divided –  Turtleboy

It’s crazy how companies and organizations attempt to be subtle in promoting racism yet you can spot it in the daylight with a flashlight. We are not blind to these minute things that have been woven into our everyday lives to show less of us and more of the lighter skin complexion. We are no longer ignorant to these tactics of suppression and have educated ourselves on the dangers in America. Some people actually struggle with being light skinned and face (face but don’t encounter because it’s not aimed at them directly) racism dead on as they are perceived as a white peer.

America can’t even begin to fathom greatness without the work of countless unnamable black people in our history as well as those we see before us today. There is a long list of black inventors who have contributed greatly to this nation and others around the world. Black people have evolved and are continuing to develop new strategies to combat the poverty and systematic racism that has been shoved at them daily. We have black women like Ms. Cheryl Green Rosario, who does not appear black but is and she has faced more racism than some of us in a lifetime. She told her story in a short article, click here, and I encourage you all to read it.

Cheryl Green Rosario Named Executive Director of The ZAC Foundation |  Philanthropy New York

I know for most of us the racism is not surprising, irritating yes, but not surprising. The ratio of commercials that advertise mostly white and people with a lighter skin complexion instead of those of darker shades is incompatible. When blacks are offered the opportunity to work in a commercials it seems it’s always a role of smaller appearance than those of lighter tones. Many companies like Wells Fargo have stated they have trouble locating black talent but many black people seeking employment or who have been hired with these companies say this is not the case. Many black people have stated they would deem themselves qualified for positions but were still turned away with no explanation.


I know it’s going to be hard for us to achieve this ideal lifestyle that shouldn’t have been impeded on ages ago but we will overcome. At every corner blacks across the world are denied opportunities but we manage to overcome and exceed expectations. In achieving greatness we must start with the root of the problem. So lets go into this election with a mental state of change.

The numbers are no where we want them to be and I’m sure COVID-19 has done a number on some businesses, but the key is to stay focused. Are you planning a new business? I hope so because financial stability is the first step to freedom. America is black and black is America!

**This is the first of many articles that will address concerns in black America**

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