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Politicians are battling aggressively over control, power and leadership of the American people while most of us (the citizens) are sitting idle in our living rooms. It’s crazy in a way how surreal things can feel even when you find yourself living through these “dream like” periods.

The last 4 years in this country has been nothing but a reality tv show for our President. We’ve seen countless posts via twitter, outbursts recorded and his actions non-the-less speak louder than the words coming out of his mouth. Over 210,000 people have died from COVID-19 and over 7 thousand others infected, yet we’re talking about opening schools next week (Click here to see COVID-19 number updates). The failure of this leadership is beyond comparable to any other leadership in the history of this country. Aside from COVID-19 and the dreadful effects it’s had on our lives, the President has shown on a monumental level through the increasing amount of natural disasters and broken political relationships that he is unable to lead this country and was never fit to be President.

I understand that most of you were taken by the difference he posed to the classic politician and the commonality he claimed to have with most of the public, but unfortunately that did not frame him as a great leader of a country. Today, after all the push from the media, we have been left with two main candidates for the 2020 Presidential election. I’m not at all excited that since the dawn of this country’s age white men (excluding President Barack Obama and grapevines sources tell of a previous black president) have oversaw the progression this country while excluding minorities and the original owners of this land, the Native Americans, proper representation.

Why are minority rights important? – Political Youth Network

Joe Biden is a more reasonable candidate at this particular point, sorry people. This will always include the political leverage or big company gain but more about the health and wellbeing of the American people. These Presidential debates, release of private documents, documentaries and publicly shared social media posts have capsulated the perspectives and intentions of these candidates. I mean did anyone see the first presidential debate?

Look people Biden is no shining angel and has certainly shown us in the past and present that he has some racial bigotry that bleed through his campaign. Biden is promising the black community that police reforms will be in enforced and changes to the justice system will take place to ensure. He has also made a multititle of other promises to the American people but we’re used to that by now, aren’t we? Action is needed immediately and this November election will certainly be proof of something.

The government is a business just like any other named or unnamed corporation in America. It is the duty of each citizen to stay aware, build a strategy and voice your concerns. We all live in this country and whether we like it or not we’re all impacted by the laws, rules and regulations that are set in place either for a business owner or a school teacher. Everyone must abide by the law. If you run a traffic light the police can pull you over and it doesn’t matter if you believe in politics or not.

It is important that each and everyone of us do our own research on each candidate and make the best informed decision as possible. Look over some of these policies and federal and state law, just read a few. Become familiar with the jargon so that reading other documents won’t be so difficult. If you’ve never read The 48 Laws of Power, I suggest you do (Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s on my list of books to finish reading). You can try to avoid being apart of the world you live in but it won’t serve you any justice what-so-ever.

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