The Public Adult vs. The Private Child

Public school is the best huh? We’ve all heard that time and time again. Everybody wants to send their child to private school, suggesting the school/school system is better than it’s public counterpart. They have the best teachers, healthier food options, newest school materials, have fun student activities, go on more and adventurous field trips, and the best curriculum to keep them academically advanced. Am I wrong? Not to mention the financial relief it puts on parents for them to wear uniforms, uah, that must be the best.

Africa should invest billions to build its private education sector, a new  research report argues — Quartz Africa

So we all know there’s a clear difference in the schools curriculums, however, there’s obviously a ginormous distinction between the schools complete makeup. Private schools are simply more catered to and funded, of course. Private school parents seem to take more of an interest in their child’s education (so many have said) and are willing to invest more to ensure their child’s future is secure. I must speak on behalf of public school parents when I say many of them do have their child’s future in the forefront of their minds but are financially unable to fund those opportunities. It is sad, however, to know that this dissimilarity can have such a huge impact on the present and future decisions of that individual.

Public School, although a bit rough around the edges, offer experiences and opportunities that a private school couldn’t. The individuality, diverse student body and backgrounds and shall I dare say more of a real life experience. Public school has it’s down sides in many areas but the students are still bright and many preserve to make promising lives for themselves. The topic is not to discuss the greatness of public versus private schools but the noticeable impact it has on the young children attending.

Have you ever noticed how private school students seem to act more like children than those in public school? When you walk in a public middle (much like the one I went to) you’re quite likely to see some little girl wear nails, weave, makeup, loaded jewelry, small/exposing clothing and a whole lot of lip gloss. Now of course I’m not saying you won’t find little ladies in private schools displaying the same appearance but the ratio is much less there. As I mentioned above, most private schools wear uniforms so the dress code is not a concern.

Stepping away from there appearance and diving into the minds and behaviors of these angels. Public school children seem to be more exposed to the negative aspects of life and geared towards the mass appeal. There are several who are not and regardless of their home life have overcame. This, however, is directed towards that remaining majority who unfortunately have not developed otherwise. They’re simply more unfocused and due to many of the reason listed above remain that way.

Many of these reasons are not the students fault. Most of it is the parents, some the community’s and the rest the students fault. The parents should definitely be more aware of the conditions in the school and aware of how their home-life impacts their education. Most middle school ladies are wearing things they shouldn’t and young men are doing and selling drugs, IN MIDDLE SCHOOL! I can’t make this up if I wanted to and you know you’ve seen it to.

When you step into a public middle school it feels like a small club with little adults versus stepping in a public school feeling like an alternate universe where kids are kids. It feels like the media, big tech and children marketers are locked out and cast away from the private schools giving the children a real opportunity to focus on their education. Use this as an exercise whenever “The ‘Vid” (Kevin Hart, No F***s Given) is done plaguing out lives. Take a trip to your local private and public schools to view the difference yourself.

The point of this article was to bring attention to this concern that our public school children are disadvantaged in more than one area. Educators, staff, parents, community members and anyone near should take the initiative to engage the youth and refocus their attention to building a better future they can rely on.

I was educated in the public school system so I am by no means saying public schools aren’t effective at educating students. Private schools simply have several advantages that public schools do not benefit from. As a result of these missed experiences, limit to cultural exposure and career prospects, financial and social deficiencies many students aren’t able to reach their full potential. Although some children may seem like a waste, I think not. Some people simply have never been taught otherwise and have a hard time fathoming a more positive and impactful future. The key is to visualize and from there manifest.

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