Everyone’s reflection tell it’s own story. Some people look within to interpret the person they see and others take that person in the mirror at face value. What is the first word (not sentence or phrase) that comes to mind when you see yourself in the mirror? One could only assume that everyone marinate on their thoughts when they examine the person they see in the mirror but chances are that’s not entirely true. There in lies the choice to decide whether or not we want to engage those deep thoughts, feelings and even memories that spark when we see ourselves. Those memories could be good or bad. You may have seen yourself in a certain light in the past and you’re happy about the changes that you made thus far or reflect on your past self and come to a devastating conclusion. Are you happy with the person you’ve become, in totality? I personally believe it’s all natural that we all go through ups, downs and major shifts in life because without them we can not have profound knowledge of life.

Everyone’s journey, desires and definitions of success are different. What you may claim as success or yearn for will be different for someone else at a different stage in their life. Have you defined these things for yourself? Focusing on your goals and desires while maintaining true to yourself will provide you with a warming outcome that only you will understand. Do you recall the last time you did something desired? Do you remember how you felt after you accomplished it? It is hard for someone to imagine your life through their eyes no matter how hard they try. There are so many ways to be happy, live a desired life, have a good job, be in a solid relationship and so much more. As you evolve in life the definitions, desires and paths that you once held so true to may start to change. Have you noticed the change in your life goals over the years?

Change and growth are inevitable and mostly desired. Unfortunately, not everyone is in the business of learning from their mistakes and making better choices with the information they’ve learned–I am guilty as well. We all fall short sometimes of breaking certain habits so that we’re able to form new ones that will help us make better decisions (eating healthier) that will benefit us. Its damning! Have you made any changes this year? No matter, we have the capability to change our own situations with our actions and I’m sure we all know that goes back to the mirror.

Let your honesty be your guide to healing and your mind be the tool.

By: Veronica Manuel

Do not lie to yourself, you get no gain from that. Know that this reflection is for your benefit and will help you grow into that person you’ve always imagined in the mirror. Breathe. Now again, the first word that comes to mind. What is it? Why that word and how does it make you feel when you think of that word. Now I know we will have those who only see face value, no worries, the true does not hide for long. Take the time to examine yourself, love yourself, love your journey, love your growth and love the future you have set out for yourself. There is enough hate in this world to fill your mirror with complete darkness, don’t contribute to the madness. Be your own silver lining and always line yourself with positivity.

Being your own silver lining does not mean lying to yourself and/or making things up. Become grounded in life and the reality of life. Learn to accept things the way they are and do so without fear of what someone may think. See, when you’re in the mirror it’s just you so if you are lying you’re lying to the one person in the world who will tell you the truth regardless of anyone or anything. Also, keep in mind the negative psychological effects that come with lying to yourself. There’s no need to develop mental defects simply by trying to understand yourself. Be patient. Don’t think you’ll be able to ask and answer certain questions about yourself without doing any research. What do you like and dislike? How do you know? Research things you’ve never tried before and see what works for you. What is your spirit animal? Don’t count yourself out of the marathon when the race just started.

Learn that talking to yourself and encouraging yourself is okay. I tell myself all the time, “girl you can do this!” “you got this” “f*** them and do you, they don’t pay you” and so on. You have to remind yourself of who you are an what you’re capable of even when everyone is counting you out. Don’t be afraid to be your own cheerleader and support your own decisions. You are a whole person. Mold yourself.

My Story:

So this year has been complete overkill for me but I can assure you I learned a lot. I’ve been in a car accident, of course COVID, job issues, car issues, personal issues and the loss of family members and friends of the family. I took a lot of time during the summer to examine myself, come to terms with some things and make some tough decisions. I realized that I wasn’t happy with where I was in life and I truly wanted more but like most people I wasn’t sure where to start. I got involved in local organizations, applied for new careers, watched self-help videos, read books, started my weight loss journey, started my business (Mobile Notary/Link on website) and tada… launched my website. I dabbled in several hobbies, make internet friends and joined new apps and whatever I felt necessary to fill my desires. I’m saying all of this to say, slow down and take some time to focus on you. 10 minutes a day is all it takes. Meditate, read, write, sing, rap, dance or just be whatever you need do it for you. You will thank yourself in the years to come.

Thanks for reading guys and enjoy this peaceful Tuesday night.

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