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Hi Guys! So thankfully I was not able to locate any recent black deaths in the United States over the past weeks (does not mean it has not happened, just not reported or covered by a media platforms). I appreciate you guys coming back to get caught up on recent activities in our communities. I will be listed information regarding other issues in our communities and how they impact us as a people. Stay tuned for the next article coming this week. This is a short week for updating but no worries the information here is updated weekly so you’ll have more than enough time to take another look.

Here is a link to illustrate the timeline of black death by the Police

[[ALL EYES]] Take a look at the one Black man standing in the crowd pretending to ignore what’s happening to this woman

This incident didn’t exactly headline the news but it happened, and yes in 2021. This woman was walking home and was suddenly attacked by Trump supporters. Like savages they acted as they stripped this woman of her items and attempted to strip her of her dignity. Thankfully every creature on this earth is not a heartless, despicable savage and others came to aid. America, this is America. The bigotry, hatred and ignorance festers and yet no active effort for betterment, or is there? We have new leadership guys and America is said to be on a path to greatness. We shall see.

(Lost but not forgotten)

I’m back everyone with yet another tragedy that no one wants to hear about, but here we go. On December 2, 2020 22-year-old Joshua Feast was shot in the back and killed while running from a La Marque, Texas police officer Jose Santos. There were several witnesses present and all state that Santos fired his weapon unnecessarily as the young man posed no threat and was running away from the him. The body camera footage has not been released and office Santos was released while the investigation is ongoing. More updates next week.

On December, Friday 4th, 2020, 23-year-old Casey Goodson was fatally shot in the door way of his home by deputy Jason Meade while scouting for violent offenders. Apparently, the Franklin County Sheriff’s department were never given or subjected to wearing body cameras. It seems there was no evidence present in the case and no one has been charged for the murder a. Now that this case has been passed along, we will keep watch to see the outcome.

On Monday, November 23, 2020, 19-year-old Aidan Ellison was shot and killed by Robert Paul Keegan in Ashland, Oregon on for sitting in his vehicle, playing loud music. This situation is beyond saddening and inhumane. Yet another young black life taken by the hands of a white man over a situation that could have been resolved without resorting to violence. As of now Keegan has been arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, recklessly endangering another person, second degree murder and first degree manslaughter.

On the evening of November 21st, 2020, in Lincoln, Nebraska 25-year-old Norma Nimox was chased from her apartment stairwell through the parking lot of her neighborhood by a white man with a chainsaw. 41-year-old Daniel Stueck was yelling racial slurs and and threatening her as he chased her through the lot. The sick, sad man was arrested and charged with suspicion of making terroristic threats and hate crime enhancement for the felony charge. Please be safe and protect yourself at all times.

60 year old Julian Lewis was killed on August 6th, 2020 by Georgia State Patrol officer Jacob Thompson. Although all evidence stacked against Thompson was released Monday, November 30, 2020 with a bail of $100,000. The family is still looking for a resolution and are now looking to sue for death Mr. Lewis’s death and violation of his civil rights. More updates to come.

In the midst of the election Walter Wallace Jr was shot by the police in Philadelphia on October 26, 2020 because the police stated he was armed with a knife, touching off protests. Although it wasn’t confirmed they proceeded to attack and killed the young man on site. 

On October 20, 2020 Marcellis Stinnette, was killed and the mother of his child who is only 20 years old, Tafara Williams, was wounded and sent to the hospital to seek medical treatment. The police footage has been released but police are stating the officers actions were “justified”. The officer has been fired but still not update yet regarding the case. I will stay on this story and present more information as it is released. 

WANT TO GET INVOLVED? HELP THE COMMUNITY? GIVE BACK? Volunteer with your local organizations! It is time for a new movement with people who bring positive energy and a new agenda for all people of color. ARE YOU WHITE/CAUCAISAN? That’s okay, you can volunteer and help too. It is time our educational, financial and political powers start to reflect in the ranks of this American system. There are several organizations and groups that have formed over the course of this year to combat police brutality, financial crisis due to COVID-19 and the educational setback. Check out the links below and find a way for you to become involved in your community. Also don’t forget that the local schools have programs as well.

  • To Volunteer with the New Georgia Project, click on “Home”.
    • Please send an email to info@naacpdekalb.org to inquire about opportunities in Dekalb County
    • Click here to visit the Atlanta chapter website for volunteer opportunities.
  • Here’s another, Grassroots. Visit their site here to inquire about volunteer opportunities near you.
  • There are several organizations listed on Atlanta Magazine.
  • Georgia Black United Fund is a great organization. Visit here.
  • The site Thrillist offers great information on volunteering and organizations. Visit here.
  • The Center for Family Resources have great opportunities. Click here.
  • Color of Change is always open. Absolutely great at helping the community I do suggest you get involved . Click here.


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Keep in mind guys elections are happening all through the year

I want people to know that this platform will be used to spread valuable information and I hope you will become an active member in your community. Be a voice of change. Make a list of demands, focus, build a team. Tackle them one by one. Be the change you want to see. 

Change the Constitution! Change Policies & Laws! Change Officials! Change This Country!

LISTEN UP! Everybody. Every-dang-gone-body. Listen! AMERICAN IS UNDER NEW LEADERSHIP! NEW CONSTRUCTION! Did you hear me? New leaders, new organizers, new missions, new visions–still politics but at least it’s politics, politically. The world has witnessed America succumb to the Trumpers and their interesting views for quite some time now and the table had officially turned. People have unplugged from the deep web, state and everything else to tune back into real life. Welcome if you are the one. Have you seen the Matrix? Never-mind, let’s refocus.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is officially the 46th President and Kamala Devi Harris is the official first African-American, Indian American Woman Vice-President of the United States of America and they have already gotten started on their 100 day plan. In an interview on NBS Biden mentioned an immigration bill, undoing damaging executive orders (ex. issues dealing with methane), government aid to prevent companies from failing, aid for minority communities, COVID-19 PPE, he definitely didn’t say anything about persecuting Trump for his actions (he said it’d play out in the smaller courts) and accountability for bad cops.

Where does that lead us now? Well, I tell you where it doesn’t lead us, destruction. Biden and Harris are preparing their strategy to tackle the rooted problems in America along with those recently created out of boredom. The Democrats are certainly seeking punishment for those involved or in support of the heinous activities lead by former President Trump. There are said to be conversations regarding the removal of certain Republican names from bill re-introductions, the blocking of certain republican legislations and of course punishment for Trump and his supporters. This is going to be interesting to watch the Democratic use their iron hammer to lay down the law of the land. After watching Republicans run this country into complete division it’s going to be refreshing and uplifting to many for the Democrats to bring happiness and safety through the U.S.

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Rep. Ben Sasse spoke out against Trump and those who still, even after being removed from office, still support him. It’s interesting to see those within the Republican party wake up to a different reality whiling releasing the control Trump had over them. Have ya’ll heard of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene? You should have, especially if you live in Georgia. Rep. Greene is certainly a character and has made some wild accusations and racists comments over the years. She promote the fact that she was not punished for her extreme beliefs and views shows how far the Republican party are willing to go to protect it’s people.

Here’s a list of other news topics you can take a look at. 2020 has definitely been a year to remember (Links are updated weekly)

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