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My Story….

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read more about my story and what inspired me to start my journey. Despite how difficult the journey may be, all of our weight-loss goals are attainable. I've been on my journey for almost a year now (a full year if you count the months I… Continue reading My Story….


Everyone's reflection tell it's own story. Some people look within to interpret the person they see and others take that person in the mirror at face value. What is the first word (not sentence or phrase) that comes to mind when you see yourself in the mirror? One could only assume that everyone marinate on… Continue reading -MIRROR Talk-

The Public Adult vs. The Private Child

Public school is the best huh? We've all heard that time and time again. Everybody wants to send their child to private school, suggesting the school/school system is better than it's public counterpart. They have the best teachers, healthier food options, newest school materials, have fun student activities, go on more and adventurous field trips,… Continue reading The Public Adult vs. The Private Child

What is a SENATOR? Why should I care?! GEORGIA!

This is the most crucial decision of the decade and Georgia is at the head of the table. I know most people don't care about politics and honestly I didn't for a while neither until I started to notice the economic inequalities. See nothing makes a person wake up and make them realize what's happening… Continue reading What is a SENATOR? Why should I care?! GEORGIA!


Are you bored? I know, me too. Most people are. COVID-19 got us stuck in the house all day long with little to no physical interactions with others. Most people are at home with their children, animals, partners and some are alone. No Worries! We shall stay sane and safe! There are tons of things… Continue reading SANE THROUGH INSANITY: PROTECTING YOUR PEACE