Hi Everyone! So I’m still working on my pieces but a friend of mine wanted to share her works with you. I hope you all enjoy and please feel free to leave feedback below and pieces of your own if you’d like them to be displayed.

Queen Iams

I used to be confident in my writing.

I was so confident I presented a personalized poem to my great grandmother at her funeral and later, one to my grandfather.

So how could I let a critic from the classroom make me turn the page from those love poems to forgotten book.

Cripples by the syndrome that doesn’t make me feel worthy: not worthy of the first place trophies or all the worn down erasers cause I always found a better way to sat it.

The crazy thing is, I’m sure she doesn’t remember me but nevermind that cause this isn’t a sad poem.

My name is Queen Iams, master of the I ams!

I am going to share my life with those forgotten poems especially those unfinished ones.

I am facing the shadow of the imposter. We understand that when the sun shines we are always together.

I am going to make up for lost time because poetry baby you have saved me, now I am going to save you.

By: DeSira Palmer


You know logic doesn’t leave room for sympathy or revenge

Facts are not open for debate or enlightenment

Reason is limited to prospective and

Consistency does not give you authority

For some reason men use these like power tools

Logic dictates that I smack you so other niggas don’t get the wrong idea about me: slippery slopes and shit

Luckily my reasoning is consistent in this situation, so logically the facts say you are the one who has to change.

By: DeSira Palmer